Let your light shine

It is not just a lamp, it is enough light; Our lamps offer multiple levels of light and double arms to ensure eyes do not need to strain too much when reading.

Let your Light Shine

When it comes to reading pleasantly the amount of light is decisive, however not all people need the same amount of light.
Ecologic Mart has implemented some functions to meet this need:

  • 3 Levels: Since the LEDs are very bright many customers requested an even lower light level, we have pleased them.
  • 4 LEDs: Using high quality LEDs each head can offer up to 28 lumens with a low power consumption.
  • Double Head: Models with two heads allow to double the amount of light and cover a much larger area without having to relocate the arms when changing pages.
  • Flexible Arms: Zooming in or out of the lamp head increases or decreases the amount of light
  • Variety of Color:  We offer models with warm light (relaxing, easy for the eyes) or white light (strong and brighter) because we know the different preferences of people
Other brandsMost offer two levels of light and a single arm