Reading Kit

Reading Kit
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Reading is a pleasure that we always want to enjoy regardless of the conditions, behold we offer not only a lamp, we offer a whole package that allows to carry the lamp to any place.

Make it Portable

Portability is an essential feature in these days when we move so easily from one place to another, our lamps include some features oriented towards this goal.

  • Take-Away Bag: A soft bag that allows you to carry the lamp, charger and cable together so that no one goes astray.
  • Micro-USB connector: since it is the type of connector most used in cell phones and other devices allows you to easily replace it in case of loss.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Gives you several hours of light without having a connection to the Wall.
  • USB charging: you can use other power sources such as power banks or the USB port of the car radio.