Detailed set of DIFFERENCES with other popular Reading Lamps:

Common properties:

  • 5 Bright LED on Each Head
  • Strong Clip
  • Easy to Use
  • Rechargeable

Properties Improved by Ecologic Mart’s Reading Lamp

  • 3 Brightness Levels instead of 2
  • Concave switch instead of Convex
  • Frosted Covert instead of Translucent
  • Dual Charger instead of Single
  • 2m Cable instead of 90cm
  • Micro USB Connector instead of Barrel
  • Double Padding instead of Single

Unique Properties of Ecologic Mart’s Reading Lamp

  • Travel Bag
  • Replaceable Battery (“The battery can die, but the reading lamp does not have to”)
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Built-in Charging Indicator (Safetly no over-charging control)
  • Built-in Battery Status
  • Warm and Cool Models