The best book light is from Ecologic Mart

3 Lamps in One, the Best Clip On Light

Portable, small, with three types of light; the perfect tool to read, study and work. Up to 70 hours of light per charge at minimum level.
Eye Care Book Light 3 Light Types: Warm, Cool and Natural

Nothing better than having a light at hand for every need

3 lamps in one; an eye care reading book light, a cool light to study and a natural light to do desktop or home work all in one small a beautiful clip on light.

  • Eye-friendly light: The warm (yellowish) light allows you to fall asleep more easily after reading in bed.
  • Keep a low profile: With its three brightness levels on each color type you can adjust the luminosity to read without disturbing your bed partner.
  • Availability of light anywhere: Carry it with you at all times, it's portable, rechargeable and lightweight.
  • Economy: Its long life rechargeable battery prevents you from having to buy AA or AAA batteries. Enjoy up to 70 hours of light at minimum light level.
  • Low environmental impact: Its replaceable battery allows reuse the lamp for several years (most of the reading lamps have welded batteries that can’t be easily replaced).
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We solve any problem with your book light fast and easy.
Book Light for Read, Work and Study
Clip On Light for Read, Work and Study, 3 Light Types in One Lamp, 7 LED.

1. Clip to your book

There is nothing more comfortable than having light attached to the book.

2. Adjusts the light color, brightness level and angle.

You have 3 levels of light in each light type that you can steer perfectly over the text.

3. Up to 62 hours of reading per charge

Easy charge from any USB device or using the UL Listed charger included.

Great light, I did allot of research before making …

Great light, I did allot of research before making this purchase. I like that the light is Yellowish so It wont make your eyes tiered with long term use and the rechargeable battery is awesome. I’ve used it every night for about 20-30 mins a night for the last month and still haven’t recharged it.… “Great light, I did allot of research before making …”


Finally found a great reading light!

My wife has been complaining about every small reading light we have tried but she likes this one! It is able to clamp onto our headboard (see last photo) and not just a book she was reading which is what we were looking for along with much brighter LED’s than her previous book light. UPDATED… “Finally found a great reading light!”

David and his wife are happy with their book light

Glad we bought it

We’ve owned this book light for 4 months now and have been using it to read to our children at bedtime. We are happy with it. Not having to worry about batteries is great. The actual product is very sturdy and well made. Even though our 1.5 year old sometimes gets ahold of the lights… “Glad we bought it”

Glad we bought it

Provide the perfect solution for my late night reading needs.

I purchased this to be able to read at night, once my wife has gone to sleep. I almost bought one with a standard usb connection, which is like 8 year old technology, so I bought this one that is a micro usb, which is similar to my other devices. The clip is large enough… “Provide the perfect solution for my late night reading needs.”

Night Reading Needs