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Our family reading with a Book Light of warm light.
Our family reading with a Book Light of warm light.

Our History

We are a normal family, like yours made up of father, mother and two young children, live in the countryside, in a small farm where we enjoyed the fruits of nature free of contaminants, have fruits such as avocados, oranges, tangerines and bananas, there are chickens who supply us with antibiotic-free eggs.


Globalization of the economy and knowledge has given us the opportunity to decisively influence the market of reading lamps, since we came to the business we have driven changes that have benefited consumers and have been implemented by the majority of companies such as Luminolite, Amir, LEPower, TopElek, etc.


The most notable changes stimulated by our initiative are:

  • Warm light: We were the first to offer this type of light with such good results that it is now almost indispensable that a book light have 3000 ° k light
  • Micro USB connector: All the reading lamps worked with a barrel-type connector, we realized that it is a hard-to-get cable and, on the contrary, we know that the micro USB cable is present in almost every household that has a cell phone .
  • 3 Levels of light: It was a constant complaint from our customers that the lowest level was very high for their taste so we added a third level that has become standard in the industry.
  • Now we go ahead with a lamp that has 3 light levels with three different colors eliminating completely the need to choose between white or warm light at the time of purchase, the same lamp offers both colors.


With this commercial activity we wanted to deliver part of what we are, we put a lot of love and effort in each job and our desire is that every person who buys our product feels satisfied and supported, we want to keep faithfulness in every detail.

We are not a giant company and, because of that, you can be confident of getting a personalized and prompt attention for any inconvenience.