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Few actions to help the earth

Let’s work together and help the earth.

As almost we all know the entire planet is changing due the daily human behaviors, chemical and products we use many times without thinking the way those things affects the planet and the consequences it will bring to us, because of it I want to share with you something that could help to prevent or correct the damage we cause.

Environment care, we all have to react and recognize the fact that our actions haven’t been eco-friendly and the need to change this is inminent, some (should be all) small, medium and large companies know and have raised internal solutions to this problem in each of their fields, now they think on the effects and scope that can have their processes, used materials and the disposition of the waste that generates the development of its products or services.

Each one of us knows, has raised solutions or at least has listened to the environmental problems that exist and what can happen if we remain indifferent, the reality is that each of us must contribute, the invitation is not to give up any of the small or large actions that we intend to do to try to mitigate environmental damage, no matter how insignificant they seem, on the contrary we must keep doing it and infect those around us to do their part too, I’m already doing mine, what do you tell me?

¿How can we help the earth?
Read and embody this tips in your daily live.


  • Do not litter on the street
  • If possible do not use your car
  • Avoid products that contribute to the massive logging of trees
  • Prints on both sides of the sheet
  • Use the least amount of plastic bags
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle

Those to save water

  • Check hydraulic installations to correct and prevent leaks
  • Try to use rainwater for daily activities
  • Check the operation of floats in toilets and storage tanks
  • Use the washing machine only with full loads
  • Do not run the water unnecessarily
  • Do not consume bottled water

Those to save energy

  • Check electrical installations
  • Disconnect chargers and devices that are not in use
  • Turn off the lights in the spaces where you are not
  • Change incandescent bulbs
  • Use solar energy (drying clothes, loading electronic devices, etc.)
No more destruction
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Try to change your products gradually, every time you need to renew one thinks if you really need it and then choose the most environmentally friendly: The one that lasts longer, consumes less energy, is reusable and recyclable, is biodegradable, does not contain GMOs.

These are some ecofriendly product sugestions.