Incandescent Bulbs Lasting 20.000 Hours. Why Until Now?

Incandescent Bulbs Last 1.000 Hours Only

For decades they sold us incandescent bulbs that lasted 1000 hours and we assumed that it was because of some technical restriction, with the arrival of LED bulbs it turns out that they do now sell incandescent bulbs that last 20,000 hours, does not it seem strange to you? (planned obsolescence)

Incandescent bulb that last up to 20.000 hours.

As it turns out, there was a mafia agreement between the companies Osram, Philips, Tungsram, Compagnie des Lampes, Associated Electrical Industries, ELIN, International General Electric, and GE Overseas Group where they promised to offer incandescent bulbs that would only last 1000 hours in order to keep the consumption and the flow of money to their business, is this ethical? Has this act of vandalism against nature ever been judged? It is not the same to use a single bulb for 20 years to use 20 bulbs, the carbon footprint is very different, how much more waste to grow the bank accounts of a few ?. Here is all the evidence:

The sad thing about the story is that it is not the only case, in many industries the commercial interest has prevailed over the ecological conscience.

In our Reading Lamp business we see something similar although we do not know if it is on purpose. Factories in China offer lamps with soldered batteries, so a wire solder is needed to install a new battery.

That’s how the first units we sold were, but then we realized this big mistake and we demanded that our factory add the necessary connections so that the battery can be replaced.

With this small change we achieved that rechargeable reading lamps that could only be used for two or three years (the battery life time), can now be used for 13 or 15 years (the life time of the LEDs).

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