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Christmas is about Jesus, Merry ChrisT mas.

When words lose their original meaning, their true meaning must be remembered; Christmas is the celebration of the nativity of Jesus of Nazareth, God who became man in order to be so close to us that we cannot deny him.

Christmas gifts should be affection, solidarity, empathy, hugs and kisses; gifts that show the nature of the Christmas party and not a materialistic eagerness.

The writing of “Merry ChrisT mas” emphasizes the cross of Jesus to undoubtedly show that we are remembering His birth, His arrival in our lives.
Let us thank the arrival of a new Christmas full of love in the company of our families and friends.

This motif in a garment is an invitation to emphasize the unique reason for Christmas.

The Christian faith invites the world to celebrate life, light, love and all the values that make us human. We have received a gift from heaven and we celebrate it.

Merry Christmas!

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