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Lighting ecologically with this reading lamp

11 Amazing Eco friendly stuff

Eco Friendly Stuff: Something better than helping the environment and its recovery while saving money at the same time?

Beside from our daily habits another way to help the earth is the implementation of products designed for this purpose, those whose manufacturing processes and materials used are respectful with the environment.

In the current market we find great variety of this type of products, we can give us an opportunity to use them, we do not have keep using harmful products.

This to buy list 11 of the best choice eco friendly stuff that makes it possible and easy to do.

let´s see it

1. Washable Diapers

Conventional diapers are only for one use and you should throw them, on the contrary, when using reusable diapers you can wash them again and again and that way you produce less waste and spend less money.

However, if you decide to implement them you must look for a good quality brand, resistant seams, that do not allow fluid filtering and does not affect the skin of your baby.

2. Shopping bags

Carrying our own bags to the market is something very easy to do, you can find fabric bags of very good quality, different motifs and designs varied.

3. Water powered clocks

These watches use water for their operation, you will never need to change batteries, although one disadvantage is that in the dark it is impossible to see the time in them.

4. Reusable water bottles

Instead of throwing the bottle every time you finish the liquid you can use a bottle of glass, plastic or stainless steel that you can wash and use every day.

Please avoid to use bottled water, on this video you can see why.

5. Saving Shower Head

Saving showers help us reduce the flow of water coming out of the faucet.

They add a little bit of air to the flow of water, giving the sensation of an abundant flow when really less water is coming out but with a higher pressure.

So you spend less water and energy in each bath you take, usually have different modes of flow to fit the taste of each user and its designs are very varied.

6. Faucet

For the kitchen or the sink we can also save water using these types of faucets which allow us to control the flow of water according to the need.

Its measurement is standard, this allows the installation without problems in the majority of the faucets of your house.

7. Dual flush system tank

The systems of discharge of the toilets spend all the water that is stored in the tank, which is in many cases unnecessary.

Changing your system from one of double discharge will allow you to realize smaller discharges of water and leaving your toilet suitably neat.

8. LED bulbs

Regular incandescent bulbs consume more energy than LED bulbs, which provide a light intensity according to the needs.

Fluorescent bulbs contain high levels of mercury while LEDs do not.

With LED lighting you can find different color from warm to cold light, its base is usually standard (E26) and its life time is greater than conventional ones.

9. Solar charger

How many times has it happened that you need to use your cell phone but the battery is dead and you do not have access to a power outlet, carrying this solar charger with you is very simple and can save you in those moments.

10. Solar lantern

A folding flashlight, waterproof and rechargeable battery by the sun or USB cable, perfect for traveling, camping or even reading, can also serve as an emergency power source for your cell phone.

11. Solar motion sensor light

This is a very practical lamp of easy installation, it has a movement sensor which provides a greater degree of security.

Make sure to install it in a place where it has good solar lighting, so during the day it will charge of energy and it will work perfectly at night.

These products are an example of what I’m talking about (there are many more), products to help us saving water, energy, money, those that generate less waste and are biodegradable.

Looking for products that are labeled environmentally friendly and supports small and medium enterprises that are committed to the environment.

You can also find out what environment organizations are doing to save the planet and support them.

I leave here six of many around the world

Green Peace

Earth Justice

Wildlife Conservation Society

World Wildlife Fund

Ocean Conservancy

Sierra Club