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Ecologic Mart Book Light Videos

These are some Book Light video testimonials, it is interesting to note that what for some is important, for others it is irrelevant.

What we see in common is that everyone has liked the lamp very much.

Please note that we have made many improvements that are not mentioned because they did not exist at the time of the creation of the video.

Book Light Video Testimonials

Ecolgic Mart Book Light - Best Reading Lamp on Amazon - Improvements 2018

If you liked our reading lamp, now you will fall in love with the new model! (…) It weighs a little less, the battery lasts up to 10 times longer, has three colors of light and you can replace the battery in a super simple way without tools. This is the best book light of 2018 and an ideal Christmas gift for anyone from the grandfather who has vision problems, the husband or wife to read without awakening their bed partner to the child who is beginning to love reading and needs a safe lamp for manipulation.

How proud we were with the changes implemented in 2016 on Our Book Light, Micro USB Cable, Warm Light, Charge Indicators, Replaceable Battery, 3 Brightness Levels

A very complete video about the basics of our reading lamp, the 2014 model that had only two levels of intensity and white light.

Showing how the book light works

The first book light model (year 2014) was very exciting to start at Amazon.

The first book light model (year 2014). Our customer only shows the lamp, does not comment.