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What else can we give you? Promote your business on our site.

We want to be a little more, not just the provider of your preferred reading lamps.

For all our customers, from June 29, 2018 you can publish your articles on our blog, whether it’s about your thoughts, recommending a product, teaching a recipe, showing some trick to make life easier, advertising your business, etc.

External links, from recognized sites, are very important for the positioning of a web page, so if you have a page, blog or fan page that you want to promote we can host your articles on our blog as an additional reward for the purchase of our lamps, if you are not totally convinced, remember how your business grade scoring can get higher.

When most people need help finding a store with good bargains, a fun way to spend a day, or a good restaurant, they use their smartphones to get the latest news and reviews instantly. A business owner or manager can use the internet to attract new and repeat customers in several effective, entertaining ways. An attractive website with an interesting blog is essential for introducing potential customers to your business, and more visitors will make it even more helpful. You can get more traffic to your website by posting links and information on other websites. Here are some of the most popular sites for promoting your business.

Write your original article, with good spelling and send it to us using the contact page. You can add an image and a link to your site.

*It should be noted that we may not publish some articles if we consider that they are offensive or have inappropriate content for all types of audiences.

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