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We are committed to providing our customers with all the necessary information for decision making, in this case, for the acquisition of the appropriate reading lamp.

Here are the questions that Amazon users ask more frequently; Below is the contact form, if your doubt is not resolved please write us.

I'm just looking to use this as a book light. Would it be too big or overkill in any way?

No, it’s perfect as book light.
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I don't have a headboard or anything to clip it to, other than the book I am reading. Will it be too big to clip onto paperbacks/smaller books?

It depends on the book, if the cover is strong or the book has a good number of pages this will have the ability to hold the lamp, but if the book is very few pages the weight of the lamp will tend to bend it, in this case you would need An additional support (another book, a cardboard, etc.)

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How wide is the opening of the clip, can I attach the lamp to the head of the bed?

Yes, it will do, it opens 1 1/2″, clamp max 1 1/4″ and has double padding to prevent it from slipping.

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How does the warranty work?

If the lamp is defective or the battery lasts less than two years we will send you a replacement free of charge.
Apply for purchases made to the seller Ecologic Mart, for purchases to other distributors you must communicate directly with their customer service.

What's the difference between warm and cool light color?

The term refers to the color temperature of the light, warm is 3000° K and Cool is 6500 ° K.
Now the warm light is softer with the eyes, allows you to rest better after reading and fall asleep easily while the cool light is brighter.


Please check here a detailed explanation:

The charger works with 220ACV? Can be used in other countries?

The reading lamp includes a dual charger that works in most countries (with an adapter for the plug not included)

INPUT 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz -0.5A

Hi is there any indicator about the battery level?

We are proud to be able to tell you that the lamp includes the charge indicator, when the indicator is on the charger it is useless if you try to recharge the battery from a different power source (the USB port of a power bank, a computer, Car Radio, etc.)

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What about the battery and its care?

With the following suggestions you can prevent the battery from fully discharging (while improving the service life)
#1 Know the battery status: press the switch for 3 seconds and the green flashing will indicate the percentage of charge (1,2,3,4 flashes indicate 25,50,75 and 100% respectively)
#2 If the green light flashes periodically while you use the lamp, it means that it is about to run out.
#3 Make it clear that you can use the lamp while charging.
#4 You can use any USB source (computers, car radio, power banks, other adapters, etc.)
#5 If you use the included adapter, we recommend using the most efficient port that is 1.0A.
#6 Use the lowest light level you feel comfortable with, remember that the charge can last up to 20 hours with a single head on at the lowest level.

What is the difference in weight between the 1 arm version and the 2 arms version?

Only 20gr, 2 arms is 90gr, 1 arm 70gr.

Why was there a Bible verse in the product and not now?

Our first lamps had printed a verse of the Bible that invited to be light for our brothers, this hurt the sensibility of some of our clients either because they have an aversion to religion, they try another religion, they have prejudices or because the word of God It is a double-edged sword.

Finally we decided to print the phrase “Darkness Does Not Exist, Is The Absence Of Light.” Inviting people to discuss this topic in this post:

Although we try to be clear and show respect for those who do not share our beliefs, people continued to rate our product negatively due to the impression of that verse.

We understood that the best way to evangelize is by example, by being a witness and we try to speak with sincerity and respect while defending our convictions (but not imposing them).

Now, we do this with a respectful principle based on 3 words FREEDOM – TRUTH – FREEDOM; I explain.

– Freedom: We have the freedom to expose our beliefs
– Truth: In the product description we are clear about every detail of the lamp, including printing on the base.
– Freedom: Our customers, knowing the full truth, are at liberty to choose the lamp that best suits them.
Bible verse book light

Where are the User Manual?

Is the Lithium battery replaceable beside being rechargable? If so, what type/size/form of battery is it?

We’ve designed it replaceable to generate less junk. (It is the only lamp of this type that you will get with this feature)
The battery type is:
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Size: 5.2*34*50mm
Nominal Capacity: 1000mAh
Type 523450
Connector Type: 2P (PH2.0)

Double adapter 1.0A and 2.1A: Which port should I use?

The double adapter serves you several things:
– Use more efficiently the wall socket.
– Charge two devices at the same time
– Load the battery of the reading lamp RAPIDLY.
– Keep the battery healthier, extending its life time.

For charging the book light battery we recommend the use of the 1.0A port as it is optimal for a 1.0mAh battery, the charging time will be 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

The 2.1A port can be used by charging the battery even faster but generating some heat that implies an additional energy consumption and slightly affecting the useful life.

Other adapters, commonly 250 or 350mA, can be used to charge the battery, in this case it will take almost 5 hours.

You can buy the dual adapter individually in this list:

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