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So strong and durable that you can use it year after year, even thick roots can't break it.

BPA Free

Made with excellent quality, food grade plastic.

Better Use of Styrofoam

Small hole that prevents the styrofoam sheet from weakening in DWC projects (1 3/4" holes)

Key Points About Hydroponics Net Pot

When started working on aquaponic projects discovered that size does matter.

We start with 3-inch baskets and notice several disadvantages:

  • The styrofoam sheet weakens.
  • The substrate is wasted.
  • More light enters the water.
  • It is not easy to decrease the space between plants.

Now have trays with 50 plants in 0.25 square meters to start growth and then transplant to trays with 22 holes in 0.5 square meters.

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Hydroponics Net Pot 2"

Freedom to choose

Here are additional options of hydroponics net pots with similar features (please check hole size before buying).

50 pcs

100 pcs

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