Lighting conditions play a major role when reading and working

Often the lighting conditions are unfavorable when you need to read a book, brochure or a musical score. The screen illumination of a Tablet, iPhone or desktop computer may not be sufficient lighting.  Solving the deficit lighting may seem be easy but there are factors to consider with respect to energy savings, comfort and environmental circumstances.  These conditions include:

  • Lying next to another person while they are sleeping.
  • Traveling where there may be people to whom you do not want to bother.
  • Camping where there is no power source.
  • Playing a musical instrument and there is not sufficient lighting in the auditorium; a common issue musicians face.
  • Reading a script in low light
  • Illuminating a small space opposed to a whole room.
  • Sufficient lighting for a work area when working on crafts and arts.
  • Using energy efficient lighting

Now that we have explored situations where lighting is needed and vice-versa,let’s take a specific look at some traits that contribute to such conditions:

  1. Brightness
  2. Ease of use
  3. Portability
  4. Power Source
  5. Energy savings (efficiency)
  6. Focusing beam
  7. Material

The following outlines each of these elements

  1. Brightness

The brightness of lighting when reading a book should be concentrated for that purpose as opposed to broader lighting when working on arts and crafts. It is important to consider the type of lighting material one should use. LED lighting has paved the way for a 100% improvement in cost reduction, lighting efficiently and less energy consumption.

Depending on the brand of the LED general when reading books two LEDs are enough lighting.

To read musical scores, four LED lamps are barely adequate butcannot reach the page’scornersso it is best to use 6 or 8 LEDs lamps.

To work with craft and arts less than 6 LEDs is not recommended and better if are 8 LEDs because more light is needed.

To illuminate keypads and screens 4 LED may be sufficient.

  1. Ease of use

When a device is used constantly it is very important to feel comfortable with it and this aids in the optimizingof time. A portable light that doesn’t have to be screwed down creates a more flexible environment for the reader, for example.

Let’s take a look at the advantages the clip light:

  • For reading a book a clip lamp should fasten on the cover or a set of sheets.
  • For music stands a clip lampshould grip onto the music tray.
  • For arts and crafts a clip lamp should be positioned on edge of the desk.

NOTE:   Normally, clips that open from 1″ to 1 1/2″ are sufficient for most needs. Also, it is important that the lamp be free standing on a desk or flat surface.

Finally the arm or gooseneck should be:

  • Strong enough to keep the light in the desired position.
  • Flexible and free to choose the area to be illuminated.
  • Long enough to reach the desired area to be illuminated.
  1. Portability

For musicians who work in places where lighting is low, portability is an efficient tool for effective performances.

Also portability makes traveling worry free as most light clamps are easily stored and don’t take much space.

Here are a few advantages of owning a LED reading book light or music stand light:

  • Lightweight.
  • Low volume.
  • Easy to pack and unpack.
  • Strong and durable materials.


  1. Power Source

A book or stand music light can be powered from different sources, these options include:

  • Standard AC power:home or workplace.
  • PC USB: Connect to PC, laptop USB port
  • Mini Solar Panel: This type of power source is usually not applicable for indoor use for low level lighting.However for outdoor uses such as camping and the alike, solar power could provide a great source of power
  • Battery Power: Powered from standard batteries such as AAA or AA.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery Power: This power source is ideal for the longevity the lithium provides and you never have to replace the batteries.
  1. Energy savings (efficiency)

This section has already been covered, but is worth mentioning again. If you are considering on buying a reading lamp, make sure it includes LED bulbs and the lamp itself has a built-in low level light solar system or can be plugged to AC grid.

  1. Focusing beam

Luminaires have different designs that cause light to be focused or distributed in a specific area. For reading it is necessary that the light be distributed over the entire area of the book thus not be wasted.

  1. Material

Lamps are made in many different kinds of materials for durability and low weight.  ABS Is a type of durable plastic and good quality used to make these types of lamps


In closing:

With these elements, you can see that there is much variety available in the market for LED lighting, music light stands, book reading lights, and table lamps for arts and crafts. A nice option can be found on and other in