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The Most Complete Book Light for Reading in Bed

Read in bed without disturbing your bedmate with this cool book light.

What you’ll get out of this Clip On Book Light:

  • Eye-friendly light: The warm (yellowish) light allows you to fall asleep more easily after reading in bed.
  • Keep a low profile: With its three brightness levels on each head you can adjust the luminosity to read without disturbing your bed partner.
  • Availability of light anywhere: In addition to reading in bed, you can carry it with you at all times; it is small and includes a bag to pack all your accessories.
  • The most complete: You will find some cheaper and apparently equal book lights but without features such as charge indicators, low battery alarm, dual output and fast charge adapter and extra long cable.
  • Economy: Its long life rechargeable battery prevents you from having to buy AA or AAA batteries.
  • Low environmental impact: Its replaceable battery allows reuse the lamp for several years (most of the reading lamps have welded batteries that can’t be easily replaced).
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We solve any problem with your book light easily and offer personalized service.
Best Book Light for Reading in Bed
Warm Book Light, eye care light allows you to fall asleep easily.

1. Clip to your book

There is nothing more comfortable than having light attached to the book.

2. Adjusts the light level and angle

You have 3 levels of light in each head that you can steer perfectly over the text.

3. Up to 20 hours of reading per charge

And if the charge is exhausted you can power the lamp by connecting it to any USB device or to the charger included.

Love, Love

Love, love, love this! it helps with insomnia, and if i do get up in the middle of the night to read, my eyes adjust very quickly. nice, soft yellow light, but still plenty easy to read by. ahhhh.

Happy customer Book Light

Best book light I’ve had so far!

I complained for years that nobody had yet produced the perfect book light. This is the best I’ve ever had. It is nice and bright, and there are about three (or is it four?) levels of brightness from which to choose. I love that it’s rechargeable, and that it lets you know when it needs… “Best book light I’ve had so far!”


Provide the perfect solution for my late night reading needs.

I purchased this to be able to read at night, once my wife has gone to sleep. I almost bought one with a standard usb connection, which is like 8 year old technology, so I bought this one that is a micro usb, which is similar to my other devices. The clip is large enough… “Provide the perfect solution for my late night reading needs.”

Night Reading Needs

My favorite reading light of all time!!

Quite possibly my favorite reading light of all time, and I have used them for years! And years! This book light is well worth the money, the rechargeable batteries last a long time and they are so quick to recharge. I love the three levels of light, I read on the lowest level before I… “My favorite reading light of all time!!”

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D Grant