Searching for a Light for Bed? 

  • If you really LOVE READING you should carry this lamp in your suitcase, it is rechargeable, light and powerful. The light is YELLOW and does not fatigue allowing you to sleep easily and placidly after a pleasant reading.
  • 2 Arms Allows Read UNINTERRUPTED. Enjoy the MALLEABILITY and FIRMNESS of each gooseneck and the SUPER BRIGHT 8 LED bulbs that will cover BOTH PAGES / SCORES so you don’t need to rearrange lights
  • FAST Charging 1.2 Hours – Up to 20 Hours of light depending on the selected brightness level from 5Lm (easy for eyes) to 40Lm (full light). International use: Charger input 110 – 240VAC, Type A Plug – output 5VDC 2.1A or 1.0A.
  • Read nonchalantly without disturbing others: In bed or any dark place. When traveling use the SILKY POUCH to carry out lamp, charger and USB cable together and avoid losing any.
  • DON’T BUY BATTERIES, included rechargeable and REPLACEABLE lithium battery will LAST several years and NEVER RUN OUT of battery at any time, have complete control of the battery charge with EXCLUSIVE charging STATUS INDICATOR. So you do not forget who to apply for the GUARANTEE it have printed our website address and text “Let your light shine before others” Mt 5,16 on the base