A reading lamp that gives you the right light to read comfortably without disturbing others and also gives enough light for household chores.

What you’ll get out of this Clip On Reading Lamp:

  • 6 Brightness Levels: From 7 Lumens to gently illuminate reading in bed up to 56 Lumens to light household chores such as BBQ, plumbing under sink, repairing a computer, emergency light and more.
  • Keep a low profile: With its three brightness levels on each head you can adjust the luminosity to read without disturbing your bed partner.
  • Availability of light anywhere: In addition to reading in bed, you can carry it with you at all times; it is small and includes a bag to pack all your accessories.
  • Economy: Its long life rechargeable battery prevents you from having to buy AA or AAA batteries.
  • Low environmental impact: Its replaceable battery allows reuse the lamp for several years (What good is the LED bulbs of your lamp last more than 10 years if the battery dies in only 3?).
  • For musicians: It is a music stand light more suitable than hammerhead type lamps because each of the two heads can be directed to each music page individually.

1. Clip to any surface up to 1 1/2 inches wide.

With double padding, makes it easy to grab a board, book or music stand among others.

2. Adjusts the light level and angle

You have 3 levels of light in each head that you can steer perfectly over the text.

3. Up to 10 hours of light per charge

Its intelligent operation informs you when the battery is low and you can also ask the amount of energy available.