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Small Actions that Generate Giant Changes (Bottled Water Video)

Once again, they sell us a product we do not need.

The history of the bottled water inspires us to make a change in our way of consuming water and thus manage to reduce pollution and waste of resources.

In this video Annie Leonard shows how we have been deceived and manipulated so that the bottled beverage business will continue its growth without taking into account the environmental impact.

We must also be alert, big companies are buying public water utilities around the world, that is, they are privatizing access to water.

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Always prefer to use the bottles you have in your home.
Now, if you think you need it, to avoid the consumption of bottled drinks buy a Travel Mug like these

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More evidence to not consume bottled water

This post talk about a connection between drinking “clean” water and Alzheimers disease due to the removal of all minerals essential for the functioning of the human body.

YOUR DRINKING WATER: A possible connection to Alzheimers and Dementia