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Fabulous as a bathroom nightlight travelling worldwide

I love to travel but hate trying to find the bathroom at night in the dark in a new hotel. This light has worked perfectly as a nightlight in bathrooms of many shapes and sizes all over the world.

The lowest setting provides a perfect amount of light.

I can always find something to clamp it to because the clamp is well designed and can be attached to thin or thick items. The bendable part can be easily bent in any direction so it points where I want the light.

I don’t need to worry about what kind of plug is in the bathroom or if there is one because this light has a battery that works for 4-5 nights all night long. The battery indicator is very useful to know when you need to recharge.

Recharging through a USB cable was very handy when in places in Africa that had only USB charging because they had limited solar electricity. So in addition to being a great booklight it is fabulous as a nightlight.