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Great light, I did allot of research before making …

Great light, I did allot of research before making this purchase. I like that the light is Yellowish so It wont make your eyes tiered with long term use and the rechargeable battery is awesome.

I’ve used it every night for about 20-30 mins a night for the last month and still haven’t recharged it. plus the yellow light won’t keep you up after you’ve turned it off, there are some studies that blue tinted lights like those on your laptop or phone can make it harder to sleep after use (or something like that, I didn’t need to test it out i just took others word for it).

I like that it is light weight enough to clip onto your book and hold with out much fatigue and versatile enough to clip onto a smaller part of our head board for more broad lighting. You must try this product, you will not be disappointed!

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