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Book Light Battery Life

Incredible battery life

Wanted one that would last for at least 8 hours as a travelling washroom night light for the wife.
Just got it a few days ago, so no idea how durable it is. But battery is fantastic
High setting – 11 hrs
Med setting – 19 hrs
Low setting – more than 44 hrs (got tired of waiting, so after 39 hrs on low, I turned it to high for 5 hrs to kill it)
This seems like the perfect find for me.
Flat base so it can stand anywhere.
Clip so it can be clipped onto many things to position it.
Daylight colour tone which we both like. Maybe about 6000K.
Neck is old fashioned spiral metal wound. You can twist and bend any shape you want it and it stays exactly the shape you want.
It can work while plugged into a charger.
MicroUSB connector compatible with so many phone charger cables.