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The Good Samaritan Oil – 4 Thieves Oil

The Good Samaritan oil produced according to the instructions of the Virgin Mary on the website



Pure essential oil blend ready to dilute in a carrier oil and use.

100% Natural

With natural raw materials without adding aromas or chemicals.

Therapeutic Grade

Free of impurities and made with high quality standards.

Key Points About Good Samaritan Oil

We have been reading the Marian revelations for several years and we are verifying that the prophecies are being fulfilled.

First of all we note that the call is above all to conversion and not to fear or some kind of superstition.


Decided to listen and move to live in the country, produce food at home and provide ourselves with the natural remedies recommended by the Virgin Mary.


Trying to find the Good Samaritan oil in the market only found an offer with a very high price.


We took the option of manufacturing it at an industrial level so that many people can access it at a more affordable price.


Its name is “doHeaven Shield”

And offers the best price per ounce on Amazon

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Good Samaritan Oil
Good Samaritan Oil
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4 Thieves Oil

Going further, you can see that the Good Samaritan oil formula is similar to that of the 4 Thieves oil.


“During the 1918 pandemic caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin, there were 4 thieves who entered houses contaminated with the disease and stole the property of the deceased without them getting sick.

When they were captured they confessed that they used a mixture of oils that protected them, the blend contained eucalyptus, rosemary, cloves, lemon and cinnamon.”


Here are several companies in the market that offer you the oil of the 4 thieves, here are some of them:

  • Thieves by Young Living
  • Thief by Divine Botanics
  • Germ Fighter by Plant Therapy
  • Five Guards by Natural Riches
  • Fighting Five by Eden Garden
  • Robbers ’Health by Nexon Botanics
  • Room Mist
  • Protector by Red Silk Essentials
  • Immune Boost by Wonder Healing
  • onGuard by doTerra
  • Good Samaritan Oil by Pranarom

What does science say?

Check this scientific research paper on the effects of the 4 thieves’ oil on bacterium at Weber State University, Ogden, UT along with staff associated with Young Living.

What does science say? click to read abstract.


It is important that you consider that the Virgin Mary herself invites us to be cautious and not unnecessarily expose ourselves to the virus, which is a dangerous disease and will be even more so.

That prevention with oil is one more measure, not the only one, we must use a face mask, wash our hands, maintain a healthy diet, seek to leave the cities, among others.

Freedom to choose

Here are many additional options for obtaining the Good Samaritan’ Oil also known as the 4 Thieves’ Oil.

0.3oz - 10ml

0.5oz - 15ml

1oz - 30ml

2oz - 60ml

3.3oz - 100ml

4oz - 120ml

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