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Deciding between warm vs cool light is no longer a problem.

In the past you had to investigate many sources to understand the difference between warm light and cool light and then enter to choose the reading lamp that offers the desired type of light.

If you made the wrong decision then you had to buy a new lamp with the other type of light.

Now you do not have to decide! Modern reading lamps offer three types of light, interchangeable at any time, this way you buy your lamp to read and try reading with each type of light and feel how your eyes react; there you take your decision of the type of light you will use to read.

Of course there are other factors that should be taken into account when buying a reading lamp such as:

  • Brightness levels.
  • Battery duration.
  • Area that illuminates.
  • Charging indicators.
  • Size and weight.
  • Warranty.
  • Accesories Offered.
  • Battery easily replaceable (lamp lasting).
  • And, of course, that it offers different types of light.

What is the difference between warm light and cool light?

Many people, when they are choosing their reading lamp, ask us which color of light is best if warm light or cool light.

Most clients report that warm light makes them easier for the eye and allows them to fall asleep more easily after a good read.

A few customers say that warm light has very little brightness.

We do not have a definitive answer since each person has their own preferences, what we can is:

  • Clarify the differences and bring elements to decide between warm vs cool ligth.
  • Remove the problem from above, we have launched a new lamp that includes both types of light so you do not have to choose the one you like before buying. Look here the book light with warm light and cool light.
Let’s make clear before the terms we use for the different color temperatures.
  • Warm Light: 3000°K
  • Natural Light: 4900°K
  • Cool Light: 7000°K

Warm vs Cool Light

Visual effect:

There is a big difference between the perception of white light and yellow light and the effect on the person:

  • Cool Light: Offers greater brightness and helps to maintain attention, to be alert.  Crips, envigorating.
  • Warm Light: Helps to relax, many users assure that they rest better after reading in warm light than when they do with white light. This type of light is softer with the eyes (by its color and by the smaller amount of lumens that the lamp offers). Cozy, calm, inviting, intimate.
  • Natural Light: It is a light that does not hurt the eyes and in turn allows you to work comfortably. Bright, vibrant.
Book Light for Read, Work and Study
Clip On Light for Read, Work and Study, 3 Light Types in One Lamp, 7 LED.
Check the lamp with 3 colors of light!

You will never worry about choosing the color of light again, find here the reading lamp that includes colors of light for each taste.