Ecologic Mart has developed the most complete reading lamp, its appearance may be similar to others (all look alike) but its functionality, as indicators of charge status, is extremely useful to the user.

The BestBook Light

Key Features .

This lamp is small enough to be carried in the suitcase and powerful enough to illuminate from small books to musical scores.


3 Levels of Brightness

The need for reading light is different for each person depending on their visual ability, this lamp offers a low level that is sufficient for most, and two other levels for those who require more light.


Lighting only where it is needed

Its flexible and stable arms allow to send the light beam just above the pages of the book without glaring other people (the couple in bed, the interpreter on the side, etc.)

Energy Use

Always Available

We have given “Intelligence” to the reading lamps, we include a rechargeable and replaceable battery, we add monitoring firmware to tell the user when the battery is charged, at what level it is and when it is next to fully discharge.

Novelty .

We have been attentive to the suggestions of our customers, thanks to them we added the warm light and the charging indicators among other ideas. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Our Stories .

We are a normal family, like yours made up of father, mother and two young children, live in the countryside, in a small farm where we enjoyed the fruits of nature free of contaminants, have fruits such as avocados, oranges, tangerines and bananas, there are chickens who supply us with antibiotic-free eggs.

Thanks to globalization and online businesses have developed a high quality product, we pride ourselves on the excellent quality and versatility of our reading lamp. We’ve designed thinking in all aspects that are important for our client, we added things like 8 LEDs to provide enough light, rechargeable battery to avoid waste and provide greater savings, extra long cord, travel bag, etc.

We are not a giant company and, because of that, you can be confident of getting a personalized and prompt attention for any inconvenience.

  • Not one of the customers who have had any inconveniences and let us know about them has a complaint about our after-sales service.

News .

We want you to be aware of every event that occurs in the development of our activity.

Testimonials .

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