Redesigned Ecologic Mart Booklight for 2024

This is the perfect gift for a book lover who loves reading in bed. This book light provides soft, warm and adjustable lighting that ensures the reader doesn’t miss a word. Additionally, it features a flexible bendy neck, strong clip-on base, book safe adhesion, 3 brightness levels and 3 light temperatures, making reading convenient and eye-strain free.

These features carry along with various benefits; it is small enough to be carried around, ready for use whenever you need to catch up on a book. Further, the flexible head design makes it easy to read in bed without disturbing your partner (if present). Manufactured with nine light settings, the intensity can be adjusted to suit the book reader’s eyes. The book light has a long-life rechargeable battery, ensuring it’s always ready for when you need it. This is the perfect, practical gift for your reader friends, whether for late-night study sessions or early morning reading sprints. Get this bespoke gift for your book-loving friend here.

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